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 Pure Rock 'n Roll from Spokane, WA

"Twin Void's music combines the ferocious drive of punk with the sinister vibe of doom and tops it all off with a sharp vocal snarl reminiscent of hardcore and a crude DIY sound."
-Crypt Guard

"Sabbath bangers mixed with the psychedelic riffin' of Mastodon with just a bit of a backwoods stomp creeping' in through all the distortion."
-The tiff finder General



The Pacific Northwest-based Twin Void is a formidable rock and roll machine that has steadily become credible contenders in the regional scene, and they're here on business. The band plays with an energy and ferocity that has gained them the must-see live acts reputation! They believe in what they do and continue to deliver memorable heavy music on their terms. These determined heavy-weights continue to write, record, and play select national dates as they work on the next batch of tunes. Catch them live and discover what the others already know!

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Spokane, WA

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